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I care as much about your design experience as I do about your final design product.

Hi There! I’m Melissa And I Specialize In Helping People Get Their Ideas Out Into The World.

My clients have ranged from small companies who are trying to demonstrate proof-of-concept of their web-based application, to a major government agency developing new technology, to individuals looking to share their talents and passions with the world.

All projects I work on are as unique as the people behind them which is why I don’t have just one way of doing things. I am always on my toes learning new programs, approaches, and platforms so I can be sure my clients are set up with the right technology to start them on the right path and grow with them as their businesses change.

I Am A User Experience Designer First And Foremost

The fact is, I’m not just creating “a logo” or “book cover;” I’m creating an experience for you…one to energize and hopefully excite you even more about your entrepreneurial endeavor.

Everything about this process is as collaborative as you want it to be. You might prefer to give me a few specs and return with 3 logo options for you to choose from. Or, you might have a vision, but don’t have the software or time to create it. In that case we’ll work closely together each step of the way. Either approach works for me!

Entrepreneurs unite!

One of my grandfathers owned a type-setting business. The other a liquor store. I watched my father build a successful analytical laboratory from the ground up. I spent my summers from the time I was 11 in his lab doing the things that no one else wanted to do. I saw the victories and the hardships of starting and running a business for the next 18 years until he sold it.

12 years ago I realized it was my turn. I have immense respect for you; putting yourself out there; whether you are starting a business, or publishing your novel. I regard entreprenuership as stepping outside the lines in any capacity, and yes, if you’re here reading this, you are an entrepreneur.

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